jeepsheep: Hi, my mom is moving soon and I get to redecorate my bedroom, I have dark brown furniture and would really like a plain white comforter set. I can't decided what kind of color scheme I want to go with it, something calming... can you help me out?

For me, the most calming thing is feeling close to nature. i would go with something that makes me feel like I’m at the beach, on a hike through the woods, or watching a sunrise or sunset. I tried to make/find a couple schemes that reflected that:

#D8CFC2, #94A89D, #264F59, #0D3041

#566583, #8695B0, #C1B4C5, #FACEBA, #FADBD0

#BFBA9A, #92887A, #573841, #47303C

If you’d like, I could send you a link to my Kuler profile which has a ton more that haven’t been posted on tumblr.

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princesskarkat: i love you and this blog @-@ i hope you find a hundred dollar bill on the ground

Ahh! Thank you! I hope that happens to me too ;)

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jaime-cette: this is the most perfect blog EVER. i googled "color/theme/tumblr" not really knowing how to phrase what i was looking for and this came up! I make sites, and blog and this is perfect for choosing colors!!

Thank you! I’m glad you found it :)

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